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Rosaries and Chaplets by Sue Anna Mary

Swarovski Crystal Rosary

Swarovski Crystal Rosary

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This gorgeous rosary is made with Swarovski Crystals that are multi-faceted and AB coated. 'AB' stands for Aurora Borealis, the spectacular natural light display in the sky, around the Arctic and Antarctic... The name 'AB" started in 1956 when Swarovski partnered with Dior to describe the effect achieved when a very thin layer of gold was vacuum-coated onto the multi-faceted surfaces of Swarovski crystals. The play of facets, reflections, and colors that come from this coating creates an effect similar to viewing the Aurora Borealis...beautiful, shimmering, and rather ethereal.

*Swarovski Crystals are becoming increasingly hard to find as the company is no longer making them. Therefore this rosary is becoming increasingly unique as I will not be able to make it for much longer*

The Hail Marys are 8mm Swarovski crystals. The Our Fathers are 10mm Swarovski crystals that are encased with Marcasite Silver bead caps. It bears a Miraculous center and 2 1/4 ornate crucifix that may be engraved.

This Rosary & ALL my Rosaries are made from Sterling Silver wire, handmade loops, and a closed jump ring between each bead to keep your Rosary from crimping. The Center and Crucifix are solid Sterling Silver so you are guaranteed an heirloom quality Rosary to pray your prayers throughout the decades.

Your rosary will come packed in a velvet-lined, handmade pouch and cardboard box with padding. The pouch fabric and colors will vary for each rosary and is my special treat for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have ANY questions or concerns BEFORE purchasing.


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