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Specialty Rosaries Can Be Perfect Gifts for People in Need

Rosary is Latin for “Crown of Roses,” and represents the prayers and meditations recited by Catholics during their times of need. Because there are many prayers that comprise the Rosary, worshippers use the beads to track their recitations. You may have several rosaries, which you use for various occasions. You can see on this page a number of specialty rosaries that may be suitable for yourself or as gifts to others to help them in their time of need.

A custom rosary may be used for a special situation, such as First Communion or a person battling breast cancer. If your child or a relative is celebrating her First Communion, one of the specialty rosaries would be a perfect gift. You can choose from a number of metals and bead materials, as well as colors. If a loved one is battling breast cancer, you may want to gift one of our pocket rosaries specifically constructed for praying about that illness.

You will note other specialties rosaries that are available. The 7 Decade Franciscan Crown rosary includes a sterling silver San Damiano crucifix that displays the St. Francis blessings on the reverse. You can also buy Christmas rosaries made with Swarovski crystal. Another custom rosary is the Divine Mercy with Swarovski crystal. Finally, there is the We Are One Body rosary that you can get in either silver or gold. The beads are different on each rosary so you know that your particular keepsake is unique.

Specialty rosaries are important for your spiritual and emotional well-being. We understand the importance of owning a meaningful rosary to help you through your time of need. We also understand that a custom rosary can be just the right gift for that special person in your life who will need prayers of comfort. Caring about others is part of what makes us Catholic.