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A Child’s First Communion Rosary Makes for a Great Gift

The First Communion is one of the holiest times for those of the Roman Catholic faith. If your family is like most, your son or daughter will take First Communion at around seven or eight years of age. About a week before the ceremony, your child will need to make his/her first confession to make sure he/she is absolved of all sin. Once your child is in a state of grace, she can receive First Communion. As part of this process, you may want to gift your child with one of the children’s First Communion rosaries on this page.

A child’s rosary is a special keepsake that offers meaning on a number of levels. This gift to your child demonstrates your love for her as a Roman Catholic, as a child of God, and as an important person in your family.

Children’s rosaries come in a variety of stones, colors, and metals. For a girl, you may want to buy the First Communion Pink Frosted Swarovski Crystal child’s rosary. The crystals are 6mm beads and they come with a baroque chalice and a crucifix that is 1.5 inches long. There are also children’s rosaries that are suitable for boys. Your son may like the First Communion Malachite rosary with 6mm round beads and sterling silver chalice. A boy would also like the First Communion Tiger Eye child’s rosary.

While you may feel reluctant to spend over $100 on children’s rosaries, it is important to understand the message that you convey when you help your child celebrate his/her First Communion. You want to demonstrate your pride that your son or daughter is of the age of reason and can receive penance. In some ways, you are welcoming your child to the fellowship of Roman Catholics.

Make sure that your welcome is one that your child will remember and treasure forever with a first communion rosary