What Are Chaplets?

A chaplet is a special type of rosary used by Catholics in devotional prayers in order to draw us closer in union with Jesus Christ, his Holy Mother Mary, the Angels or Saints.

The amount of beads used in a chaplet depends on the prayer.  Most of the chaplets that I make have the devotional prayer card with them.

There is one exception and it is of the Chaplet of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus. This book may be obtained at your local Catholic book store.

The Saint Michael may also be used for the Chaplet of the Holy Angels.  Two of my very favorite are the Chaplet of the Five Wounds and the Chaplet of Saint Michael.  As one reads more about chaplets, I am sure you will find one that is very special to you.

There are other types of rosaries and these I call specialty rosaries such as the Franciscan Crown or the Mission Rosary. These also are beautiful rosaries. There are so many ways to thank our God for the beautiful gift of life he has given us and ask for the special intentions in the depths of our hearts. We are blessed to live in a Country where we can freely worship our God in many different ways.

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