Teaching Children The Value of Rosary Prayers

Using Children's Rosaries During Prayer

It's never too early to begin teaching a child the traditions of faith and prayer. Using a child’s rosary, you can guide young ones through the Rosary while bringing your family closer together and closer to our Lord and Savior. Here are some tips on how to teach your children to pray the Rosary: Introduce the act of praying with simple prayers. For the attention span of young children, the Rosary may seem like one long, continuous stream of indistinguishable and repetitive lines. But we know that it is, instead, made up of smaller prayers. By practicing with simpler prayers such as 'Angel of God' children can get into the habit of praying with prayers they can easily relate to before attempting the Rosary.
Angel of God, My guardian dear, To whom God's love commits Me here, Ever this day, Be at my side To light and guard, To rule and guide. Amen
Use music for memorization. Much like the ABC's, it's easier to commit words to memory when they're accompanied by a tune. Many arrangements used to accompany Rosary prayers can be found online, or at your nearest church. You may also consider playing faint religious music in the background to add solemnity and encourage focus during prayer time. Pray your rosary with them. It's best for you and everyone in your home to have their own rosary so they can participate and become familiar with the flow of the prayers. Children feel more invested when they're able to accurately keep up with the Hail Mary count and finish their decade beads along with everyone else. Encourage participation. Get your kids involved in the prayers. Give them an active role by allowing them to lead or announce the mystery before each decade. Gifting your child with their first rosary for First Communion, or when your child begin to go to confession is a wonderful time to give them their own responsibility of prayer. Here at Rosaries and Chaplets by Sue Anna Mary, we offer a selection of First Communion rosaries that are suitable for both boys and girls. November is the month of the Holy Souls, which is a fitting time to help your child learn to being using their rosary to pray for dearly departed family members and loved ones. And while they may not understand the complete implications, they can gain respect for the prayers of shortening our fellow believer’s time in Purgatory. We have a beautiful selection of handcrafted rosaries for men, women & children that may be engraved for personalized gifts. Additionally, Sue Anna Mary puts her faith at the center of her enterprise by donating 10% of all proceeds to the Franciscans that maintain Jerusalem’s holy sites.
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