Specialty Rosaries And Prayers To Strengthen Our Troops

Encourage Your Solider To Stay Close To The Lord By Giving Them A Custom Rosary.

  Our military, troops and soldiers face the greatest of challenges each day as they put their lives on the line for the well being, safety, and security of their fellow countrymen. If you have a loved one currently in service, give them strength and help them renew their faith in the Lord by encouraging them to turn to prayer with a specialty rosary or chaplet. This gift can be given anytime during their duties, but a special time to give the gift of a custom rosary is during the Christmas and Holiday season. A soldier's life can be more than just stressful; a job in such difficult surroundings is immensely taxing. Prayer is a personal way to overcome adversity and can help men and women in service get through the difficulties and challenges they may encounter. Many times, while fulfilling military duties, carrying a bible, may be difficult and wearing rosary may be their only way to reflect upon the Lord. If a soldier has a rosary necklace, it helps remind them to find a quiet time and reflect upon the Lord with their rosary prayers.   Praying the Rosary leads to a deeper understanding of the life and teachings of Christ. With the Rosary as a guide, the acts of love, selfishness, courage, and faith that Jesus exemplified throughout His life can help soldiers appreciate the purpose of their duty. With deeper spirituality, soldiers are better able to cope with stress in the field, grief over a fallen comrade, distance from loved ones, as well as other personal troubles such as injury. Additionally, research has shown that among soldiers, those with heightened faith and spirituality are more likely to be optimistic, feel less anxious, and even have better relationships as well as health. Prayer is one of the most powerful forces in the world as it can bring people together, give hope, boost courage, and offer understanding. Encourage loved ones in the military with prayer and help them recharge their sense of purpose.

Prayers for our military:

Thank you, Lord, for the men and women of our armed forces. Protect them as they protect us. Defend them as they defend us. Encourage and strengthen their spirit, soul, and body in the execution of their duties and responsibilities. May they be mentally and physically strong when required to face the challenges of combat. Undergird them with Your Holy Spirit and might when they are called upon to endure the hardships of battle. I pray that nothing would take them by surprise, but that they would be aware of all potential aggression. Enable them to curtail hostile actions before they start. Reveal to military leaders the strategies and plots that enemies would wage. Give leaders wisdom and insight in all decisions. May response to any aggression by enemies of this nation be swift, accurate, and effective. Father, give our military favor with the governmental agencies of this country. I pray that our Congress would appropriate sufficient funds to keep our nation's military preeminent and strong in the world. Thank You, Lord, for providing America with the best trained, equipped, and lead military force in the world today. Fill them with Your saving grace and the gospel of peace that they may be shining witnesses of Your heavenly love. Enrich them spiritually that they may cope with life and death situations on the field of battle. When their military brothers and sisters fall in action, give them the strength to continue the good fight. Relieve any feelings of guilt that they may experience if they have to kill another of Your children, in every situation. Help them to realize that they are called to perform at capacity, and unfortunately killing others may sometimes be required of them. Instill in them Your love, showing them mercy and forgiveness when they must break the fifth commandment out of necessity. Whenever possible, guide them to find more humane ways to achieve their goals, keeping the number of casualties at a minimum. In Jesus' Holy Name, I humbly pray. Amen.

For Our Men and Women in Military Service

O Prince of Peace, we humbly ask Your protection for all our men and women in military service. Give them unflinching courage to defend with honor, dignity, and devotion the rights of all who are imperiled by injustice and evil. Guard our churches, our homes, our schools, our hospitals, our factories, our buildings, and all those within from harm and peril. Protect our land and its peoples from enemies from within and without. Grant an early peace with victory founded upon justice. Instill in the hearts and minds of men and women everywhere a firm purpose to live forever in peace and good will toward all. Amen. ~Franciscan Mission Associates; prayer card
Here at Rosaries & Chaplets by Sue Anna Mary, we offer many specialty chaplet rosaries you can give to a loved one in service to help him or her find strength and deepen the faith in the battlefield. One of our specialty rosaries is the Chaplet of Devotion to St. Michael, the Patron Saint of Soldiers as well as guardian and protector of the Church. This chaplet is made with various gemstones and comes complete with a prayer card. We invite you to browse our selection that includes handmade rosaries and chaplets for any occasion. If you like what you see but nothing is quite right, we can help you create a custom rosary to suit your needs.    

To the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary

Queen of the Holy Rosary, We implore you to bless our military forces at home and abroad. Guide their steps into the way of peace.


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